Sunday, August 15, 2010


Yesterday, because of various needs for the car and airport runs, we were here all day at our guesthouse which is on a University campus. In the afternoon, we walked to the town about a mile from here and went all over it. It had rained in the morning , then it started again so we bought an umbrella. The town is chaotic with little stands of an assortment of wares. Then there is a large building that had various crude tables filled with vegetables for sale. Tomatoes, greens, potatoes, bananas and watermelons. We were told most of the produce comes from outside the country.

Today was a long day with church and lunch. The choir sang, the congregation gave testimonies of the work of God in their lives, we had a concert of prayer and Alan preached. He had his favorite translator. This young man spent the day with us. He has a new son and a challenging job fighting the corruption. He works in Animal Science.

A few of the pastors for the conference were beginning to trickle in. They are expecting a large group. A pastor from Casper, Wy. is here to do some teaching. We are enjoying getting to know him. He also pastored a church in rural Iowa for a number of years and has fond memories of his time there (near Iowa City). He grew up on a farm and majored in agriculture. You can imagine all the strategizing for growing things in Kenya. Jim Watson had actually been helping with ideas for family gardens. One of the Pastor’s wife is anemic and he told him the things to grow to help her. The pastor right away started some seeds and has some seedlings to show for it. Being teachable is a gift with rich rewards both practically and spiritually.

Jim, our leader from the Canon City Free Church, has his nursing license now. As you can imagine he is busy administering nursing care and counseling. Jim always prays with people and talks about the Creator God and how He made our bodies to work. He has brought one of his professors to check out possibilities for bringing nurses for training/ practice as part of their teaching program. She is going to be teaching the women some practical “nursing” to help with the issues they have, as well as their children. I too am looking forward to hearing what she has to say so that I may be able to pass on some of the information when I am sharing with women in other places.

The Muslim prayer time over the loud speaker just began. It is so intrusive and happens about 4 times a day with 4:45am being the first. We have heard this in other African countries and it is concerning. There seems to be more Muslims this time in the airport and around the city and villages. It only serves to magnify the amazing grace we have, in that we walk in the light instead of darkness. We worship the everlasting King and the Rock of our Salvation. I stand in awe of Him.

Edie for both of us

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Thanks for the updates. Keep them coming. We'll keep praying. I'm still so excited for your ministry.