Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life in Burundi is Challenging

Life is challenging here. The enemy is definitely sending out his darts and it is wearing us down. This morning I struggled to focus during my quiet time though I had plenty of sleep. My heart was heavy and here’s a sample of what we are facing.

Sunday afternoon the police told Jean- Bosco he could not have his visitors preach. He tried to negotiate and most people went home. The Police said it was because he has a problem with another man. This other man came into J.B.'s church and took over and ran him out. This is a legal dispute, not a confrontation. Mark and Al were only able to visit with a few people but held no church service. Since then the sessions have gone without incident. Praise the Lord!

The women are sweet and appreciative, but illiterate and their children are dirty and sick looking. Still they are a committed to learning from the Word. They are cooking the meals for the conference. They are tasty, but African food is repetitive and we are eating less.

I witnessed some abuse of the children that is disturbing. We have been driving through the neighborhoods to take home our translator. The city has swollen with people, and the poverty and conditions are heartbreaking.

Top it off with "off and on" electricity, cold water (no hot), late meals and no fans (it is warm and humid) at our accommodations. However, God allowed me to be encouraged through the words of a young Mom who has many children. She said, “You came last year and gave to us, and now this year you teaching us what we need for our children. I know you care about us and that you bring to us what we can use”.

The Lord is my guide and it is a walk of faith each day. The women enjoyed learning the folding of the cup. I wasn’t so sure if they would. Tomorrow I do my Martha first person and pretend they come to my home. I am getting cookies for them and then candy for the children. The children speak English phrases to us and really love to be around us.

There was some extra time in the morning before lunch and Al took questions. Oh my, there is so little understanding of the gospel! They are now changing some things so he can do what he did in Kenya to explain the gospel. It is so foundational. Mark is doing Bible survey, which is a good thing as well. Al is doing Bible study methods. As usual, the Africans are eager learners.

I am getting bit up with mosquitoes and they came to set the table so we hope some dinner is coming (8pm).

Thank you for your devotion to prayer. We need your strength and understanding.

With Love,

Al and Edie

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Aunt Betty's Blog said...

Al & Edie,

We are following your blog and just want to let you know you are in our prayers. May God bless these that are so hungry and thirsty to learn that they will be able to understand, remember, and put the lessons you bring from God's word into action in their lives. We pray for your safety and health. May God provide your daily strength. Our love from Iowa,

The Fyffe Family