Tuesday, August 31, 2010

God's Grace

We have had two good days of training so far this week. I am teaching the pastors, and a couple women, bible study methods and sermon preparation. They will then teach others. They are very receptive and working hard to learn. It is difficult for them since they do not learn to think critically in their schools or culture. It is hard for them to think through a passage and understand its meaning. We will have a lot of practice this week and will depend on the Lord to help them put it to good use in their churches. It is so good to see some signs of progress among the students. The Lord is definitely working.

As I write I have the Muslim call to worship going on in the background over the loudspeakers. It goes on continually for over an hour each night until just after 10 and then again in the morning at 4:30 and 5:30. It gets old fast. It reminds me of God’s grace in opening my eyes to Jesus. I pray He opens many eyes here as well.

I am heavy hearted tonight for my wife. She is home and continuing to struggle with severe dizziness and vertigo. My daughter is taking her to see the doctor this afternoon. Would you pray for her recovery and healing? It is hard for me to be 10,000 miles away while she is struggling. Pray that I might have peace leaving her in God’s hands and can sleep well tonight so I can teach effectively tomorrow.




Sandy Cutshall said...


We are praying for you and Edie.

John Mochel said...

Praying for you. i posted a response, but then deleted it and posted again under my name and it ended up on Aug. 18. So, I'm getting this figured out.

Praying that the teaching is going well.

dbecker said...

Glad to read what is happening. Praying for you! Sorry you can't come see us in Prague right now. Maybe next time?!