Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saturday post from Africa

Things are low key here as people continue to filter in. Yesterday, Al went with Bishop Daniel to pick up one of the trainers. He is Jack from Casper, Wy. His luggage didn’t make it and he was late getting in. After a long time trying to figure out arrangements they left to visit a Pastor and arrived back at the guest house at 8pm. It was a long day for Al but always great in getting to know people better. I stayed back here so I could finalize some of my prep for my lessons. Enjoyed my time of study and just having time in solitude.

The plans for today are somewhat up in the air. Esron from Rwanda is coming in and has to be picked up at the airport which is 1½ hrs away. Hopefully Jack’s luggage will be there as well. Originally we were to visit around but doubt that will happen with all the travel glitches.

It is cool and rainy here, very different from last year. Guess they are experiencing some climate change like us. Things are very green and the mosquitoes thick.

With Joy in the Savior,

Edie for both of us

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