Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday in Kenya

Today we set out for some village churches at 8 am. Bishop Daniel received a call from one pastor requesting an urgent meeting so we went far out of our way to visit him briefly. We travelled through the forest, or jungle we would say, to the other side. The landscape here is beautiful and varied. After meeting with the pastor we stopped at a little thatched roof café for some fried bread for breakfast. It was a joy to sit there while one of the pastors with us talked about what he had learned in our previous teaching session. It is so encouraging to see the effect God has had on them through our teaching. They are so eager to learn biblical teaching and to put it to use in their churches, preaching, and everyday lives.

We travelled on to our churches, mine was far back in the bush on a very narrow trail; not really a road. When we got there I was told I would be walking back, several miles. I wished I had not worn my dress shoes. The little church plant met in a partially built little church building, but the people were enthusiastic. I taught on the man born blind, John 9, and when I got to the part where he could see they cheered. They seemed to follow the teaching and my application well. One woman came forward to receive Christ, which was a great blessing.

After church was over we walked a mile or so to where they want to build a permanent church building. The place where they meet now is on land that they do not own. The pastor wants to buy several acres and has paid about $200 so far and will need about $500 more. They are trusting the Lord for so great a sum and believe soon he will provide.

We walked on to the pastor’s home, another mile or so through the countryside. His wife had made a special dinner for us, chicken cooked in coconut milk with a corn mush substance which we dipped in the soup by hand since we had no silverware. It was delicious. Pastor Enoch has numerous projects going on around the house to make money; casarina trees, cattle, goats, chickens, and corn and cassava plants. He is a real model for the other pastors supporting themselves. I found out he is 66. It is hard to tell how old the Africans are without asking.

We finally walked back to the other church and sat and talked with the men. What a blessing to be able to fellowship with good brothers in Christ. All in all it was a long, but blessed day. I hope your Sunday was blessed as well. The people here send greetings to you.


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