Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Power of Prayer

It’s the end of another day. I have showered tonight which consists of heating water in a bucket with a heat wand, taking a water bottle I cut off and using it to pour water over me. It felt good and rinsed off that stickiness from the humid day. I think it will be better for sleeping. The Muslim Prayers continue but not on the loud speaker. Praise the Lord! Something happened. It still is routine to be awoken at 5 am to the chanting. An inspiration came to me; instead of covering my ears I should pray too. So I may try it though I am not sure I will be as long winded!

My day went super with the women today. I once again got out the origami and began showing a few women during a break. I had made step by step examples and pretty soon I had a group of ladies trying it, catching on and then some definite enthusiasm for it. One of the women I connected with last year had started a school just by letting neighborhood children join her as she was teaching her own children. She told me that she now has 52 students in kindergarten and first grade. She only teaches English and has great support from the villagers. She was able to save enough to buy a plot of land that she hopes to build a building for the school. I am giving her my origami book because I showed her these techniques and told her it would be good for her children to learn. She is just the type of woman to run with it and I will be interested in hearing next time how it is working. The narrative stories are also going well. Yesterday I did a first person of Martha, setting up my “home” and welcoming them and then talking about how I invited Jesus to my home. I then had some starburst candies that I passed out. They had to answer questions that match their wrapper color. Alan actually gave me the questions when I was just stumped. They aren’t used to that kind of sharing but it gave me some “mentoring moments” which I loved. I asked them how they met their husbands. Most of them were introduced to their “man” as one who loved them and wanted to marry them. Parents were involved. African men have to pay to marry their wives so men count your blessings! Ha.

Alan’s teaching in Acts is really going well. Such good interaction among the men and eagerness to learn. They have assignments in the evenings after all day sitting and learning. They always come prepared. Remarkable! An older man approached Al concerning Grudem’s bible doctrine book and it was a precious moment to be able to hand it to him. He speaks English well and told me he is going to begin teaching his wife how to read and write. She is one of the more outgoing women. Al also put a New American Standard bible in the hands of a young pastor that he asked for last year. When Al gave it to him he said, "I want you to read it and share it with other brothers." This young man had wondered if Al would remember his request and bring him a bible.

Today I gave out aprons to the pastor’s wives and they seemed to love them. Then I called in the cooks and talked about how all who minister within the body of Christ play a vital role. I really wanted to elevate what these hard working women are doing for us and show how they have earned our admiration. I also had given them aprons. They were wearing them and were very appreciative.

Well, I have lots of paper to prepare for tomorrow’s lesson and project. Tomorrow I will teach about the Samaritan Woman. Thank you for your prayers. I have to say that your prayers must be like the man who knocked on his friend's door late at night to get some bread for unexpected visitors. The Muslim calls to prayer have really calmed down to a tolerable tone. Your prayers are powerful and effective! The teaching is also giving us encouragement and blessing, confirming His call for us to “stand in this gap” in teaching those for whom formal education is out of reach. “With God all things are possible”. By His grace, His church will not be left defenseless without the knowledge of the truth.

His servants too,

Al and Edie

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Pam Baumer said...

What a fun post to read! You two are amazing :)