Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our Trip to Burundi & Kenya begins

We are ready, set to go. This time we are heading out for a return trip to Burundi and Kenya. This is nice in that we know what to expect and are looking forward to seeing again the kind and loving believers there. We thank you for your prayers for me and my recovery. Saturday I finally felt normal again and I have been enjoying getting so much done. I asked the Lord to give me both the strength and the discernment with packing and all the numerous details. I was amazed to see how He really was my guide and sustainer.

We ask that you pray with us for our protection. Also that in whatever our day brings (no sleep, delayed flights etc), we would acknowledge His sovereign hand in it all for our benefit. May we not forget who we are; ambassadors for Christ where ever we go.

We will be arriving in Kenya on August 12th with a day to catch up on the time gap. We will do some visiting of churches in the area and then the conference begins Sunday the 15th. It will be good for me to have some time to finesse my lessons and learn them well.

With Joy in my Savior whose grace is always sufficient,

Edie for both of us

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Lisa said...

Asking God to especially sustain good health as well as His protective care over you both...love you, Lisa in CA