Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday post from Kenya

I am now in Kenya again for the second week of training. We will be working with a smaller group of pastors that have been selected to be trained as equippers of the other pastors, and also any new pastors that come into the denomination. We met tonight to decide on the format and schedule.

I was able to talk to Edie tonight on Skype and she is doing well on her journey. She is now in NJ and will be going on to Chicago at 4:45 and then on to Des Moines arriving at 9:45 pm. It’s quite a trip for her alone. Thanks for praying for her.

I will update the blog as the training week goes on. I will be preaching at one of the new church plants tomorrow. I preached at the pastor’s church last year. It was a fairly large church for here. Now he has turned that ministry over to another man and is planting a new church. He is about my age and is making quite a sacrifice to do this. I really respect him and look forward to our time together.


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