Friday, August 27, 2010

The End of Training in Burundi

We just finished our week of training here in Burundi. It has gone well but Burundi takes a toll on your strength. It is a bit rustic, hot and challenging. Edie left this morning to fly to Nairobi and then on to Des Moines on her own. This is her first solo international trip, so please pray for her. She is still concerned about having another vertigo episode so pray especially for her over the next two days.

I had a very interesting meeting this evening with the leaders of the Burundi Evangelical Association. They are very interested in working with us to train pastors in 20 different evangelical denominations here in Burundi. We are talking about having a pastors’ conference sometime next year. We are also beginning to think about training some of the best in each denomination to become trainers of the other pastors. This is a very exciting opportunity and we will be seeking the Lord about how He may be leading in all of this.

Mark Wold and I leave early tomorrow morning to travel back to Kenya to train some of the pastors that they have designated as future trainers for the others. This our first attempt at that, so we would ask your prayers for that as well.

With Edie gone the blogs may become a little shorter and less interesting but I will do my best.

In Christ,


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