Monday, August 3, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request from the Lewis'

My mom was able to call briefly on Sunday to let us know that they arrived in Africa safely after 30+ hours of travel. However, ALL their luggage is lost. With the all the airline restrictions on carry-ons, they were not able to carry much with them on the plane. They have been teaching and ministering wearing the same clothes they have had on for 4 days and all they have for toiletries is a toothbrush. Of course this is not like America where the hotels have things for them to use like soap and razors. Nor are there shops nearby where they can purchase clothing. The people they are teaching are extremely poor. Mom said their room was comfortable though very sparse. They get to share the space with geckos, lizards and large spiders. It has been very hot and humid and the mosquitoes are very thick. She said the people have been very kind and wonderfully welcoming to them.

Please pray that God would miraculously locate their luggage (intact with nothing stolen) and that they would easily be able to be re-united with it. They begin all of their training classes today (Monday) and it would be a real encouragement to them to have their luggage.

This has proven to be, and will continue to be, a very challenging trip. Thank you for faithfully praying for them as they begin to equip our African brothers and sisters in the Word!

Anne Lynn,
daughter of Al & Edie Lewis


Unknown said...

I don't have words to comfort you but I can pray for you. Dawn
Heavenly Father,
I pray for Pastor Al and Edie as they struggle to cope with these hardships. I am mindful of the hardships that Paul endured and was thankful for them as he saw past them to You. You have chosen to take the little things they had planned on away and now they are more dependent upon You. I pray that You will use these hardships and that they will not hinder the work that Pastor Al and Edie are doing. Glorify Yourself in these events. Supply all their needs they have at the moment that they need them, according to Your will. Give them ideas of how to work around their difficulties and help them, by Your Spirit to be content in whatever state they are in. Allow their luggage to be found and delivered in Your time. We praise and depend on Your Name. Amen

Ruth said...

Dear Edie and Al,
On our very first mission trip my luggage was lost for 5 days. I spent the entire week at a retreat center in the mountains of Peru where we did a retreat for our EFCA workers. I look back on the experience NOW and chuckle at how little I needed and I survived. Welcome to the adventures of travel and ministry. Praying for a very productive time of ministry for you and may the blessings of your time in Africa be many.
Love and prayers

Karol said...

Al & Edie;
What a privilege to pray for you in this trial knowing, as you do also, that God is faithful to do what will bring HIM the most glory! May He bring to your minds all the wisdom, Word, and teaching that He desires for these brothers and sisters in Christ! We are grateful for the sacrifices you make on His behalf!! Lovingly looking forward to a visit soon in St. Louis! Terry & Karol

dj said...

Let us know if we can send you needed items. Post sizes and needs and an address to send them to.
Dennis & Nola