Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First Report from Burundi

We have begun our work here and it has been fun! We received our luggage Monday morning after five days in the same clothes (with heat and humidity, mind you) and 6 trips to the airport. Just in the nick of time. Al didn't get to bed until 3:30am so was exhausted but God gave him the strength he needed and he was impressed with all God did in and through him. The pastors are soaking up what they are learning, asking questions and interacting with him. My teaching is also being received well and my rapport with the women is amazing. I feel so relaxed and at peace, teaching and mentoring. I have met one young woman who is single and applying herself to learn English. We have connected so well and with her not having a mother or father I may have opportunity through email to mentor her. We passed out bibles and glasses today. What a privilege for us to be able to provide these special things for them. The bags and notebooks were a hit but there was not quite enough as the group has grown. We feel very safe, the people are extremely warm and accepting of us. Al has had good rapport with Esron from Rwanda, who is his translator. We are so grateful for the many prayers answered but don't quit praying for us yet, we still have many days to go!

Al & Edie


Pam Baumer said...

Praise The Lord for found luggage! What a blessing to hear such a positive report from you :) Sounds amazing and totally in God's Will! Keep pressing on!!
love and prayers,

Amy said...

Oh, mom, I am so glad that things are going so well. I was up in the night praying for you and dad to endure and "see" God is amazing ways. So glad you are save and clean! I love you guys.


Unknown said...

Thinking of you from MN - We are so very thankful that your luggage arrived, even though a bit late. And, also for the opportunities you're having among the people - to be used well for what God has prepared you to do. Thankful that our paths crossed at the E Free in Boone & will continue to be interested in your work - Mike & Susie Keraus