Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Day of Rest

We are finally able to update you. We are here in Prague. We start our multi-church conference at 4:30 pm today meeting with the leadership and then tonight with the group Al will teach. We had a much needed day of rest yesterday. Took a walk in this awesome park that belongs to a castle near our hotel. Worked some on our teaching for here and slept too much. It was interesting that as we were coming to Czech we were looking forward to a more familiar and normal culture. Then we realized how we didn't used to think that way about Eastern Europe! We've come a long way in our view of "cross cultural".

Our time in Kenya went super! It was so wonderful being with the people of God there and giving them a gift they considered priceless; a deeper knowledge of the word. We plan to write when we get home about many of our experiences because we know that they will be encouraging and really boost your faith to know that God is alive and active in the hearts of the people of Africa.

With Joy, Al and Edie

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