Wednesday, August 12, 2009

News from Kenya

News from Mom & Dad is sporadic and sparse. However, I did receive a brief message from them today saying that the days are very long and the accommodations are rustic but that their teaching times are going really well. The people there (they are now in Kenya) are very warm and receptive and grateful to have my parents there. Apparently they lost their luggage again when traveling from Burundi to Kenya. Thankfully it was located after 1 day. Quite a scare, however.

Please continue to pray for my parents safety, health and stamina. Pray also for the Lord to use them to speak to the hearts of the Kenyans and that the teaching of the Word would be implanted deeply and immediately applied to their lives. Mom and Dad asked that you specifically pray that the teaching of the Word would begin to affect marriages and families among the Christian believers in Kenya.

Thank you for your continuing support and prayers,

Anne Lynn, daughter of Al & Edie Lewis

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