Thursday, July 30, 2009

We go out with your prayers!

We’re on our way to Africa and Czech this morning. We feel really prepared and ready to get going. This past Monday some in our church here and Ft. Dodge had a prayer meeting for us. What a blessing!! We broke into three groups and prayed and then they all gathered around us and laid hands on us. It was a wonderful expression of solidarity with our ministry from the body. As their hands were upon us I thought of the many people elsewhere who are praying for us as well. Their touch seemed to me to communicate the whole body of Christ praying for us. Thank you so much for your partnership with us. At times we feel a little alone and isolated because we are not able to be engaged with one congregation. But this morning we feel fully connected. In a real sense by the Spirit you are traveling with us to serve pastors and wives that desperately need our help. I am certain God is pleased with that.

We will try to update as we can as we travel. God bless you.


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