Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last leg of the Journey begins

We got a brief email and phone message from Mom early this week. Here's the latest:

They arrived safely in Amsterdam from Nairobi and are in route to Prague. Their flight was delayed and they were very concerned that their luggage arrives with them. We have not heard, but pray that God grants them that mercy! The last few days Dad was fighting an intestinal bug and not able to eat much. Mom asked for prayer for him to recover quickly. They felt really good about their time in Kenya and plan to return next year.

Now they will have 24 hours of rest (18 & 19) in Prague before they begin leading a multi-church conference in Vlasim, just south of Prague on Thursday the 20th. The topics of the conference will be the role of the Holy Spirit in our relationship to Christ, to one another, to the Word and in ministry to one another. My parents have asked that you pray for them to be effective in helping the Czech brethren to be more unified as they encourage these believers to work together more effectively as churches. They will meet with leaders and their wives on the 21st and my Mom will teach the women on the 22nd.

They leave for the long trip home on Monday the 24th.

Thanks for continuing to pray for endurance, energy, health and God's presence with them as they complete the last part of their trip.

~Anne Lynn, Al & Edie's daughter

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