Saturday, October 18, 2014

Spiritual Warfare

We made it down to Thiruvananthapuram, (now you know why we don’t always tell you the name of the cities we are in), at the southern  tip of India today, but it was another interesting journey. When we got to the airport, no one was there to greet us. We eventually called our contact and he said he thought we were coming Monday. 

We had an hour taxi ride in tough traffic to his school and he asked me why we had come. That was not a good sign. He had me speak for 20 minutes to pastors who had gathered for another meeting, gave me an hour over lunch to share our ministry with him, (he asked no questions except “do you have anything else you want to tell me?”) and then he went and took a nap. He was obviously not interested. When I asked him what was the greatest need of his pastors he said finances. That is also not a good sign. We hung around awhile and took a taxi back to the city, this time about 2 hours in worse traffic. Times like this make you wonder what in the world we are doing. But we have concluded it is all part of spiritual warfare. Sometimes it comes externally, the man is not interested, we miss a flight, etc., but often it is internal in response to tons of little frustrating experiences. We battle frustration, confusion, doubt and sometimes fear but God helps us. We have enough failures to learn humility and enough successes to build hope.  

Please pray for Tom who is training with us. He is quite sick with some sort of virus, fever, chills, etc. All this running back and forth has been hard on him.  

We are up again at 4 am heading to the airport at 4:45 to fly on to Chennai. More meetings with people we don’t know, but who we think might actually be interested in what we do. Then on to Trichy to begin training Monday morning.  


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