Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Testimony of Grace

Friday:  This is Edie again! I just have to share what God did for my study group today by way of a testimony from one of the ladies. Last night my translator, who runs an orphanage (40 children) along with their church, was busy in the kitchen when a woman came to talk to her. 

Sheri said, “ I greeted her differently than I would have normally (Indian pastor's wives often have women come for prayer and other things at inopportune times). She was surprised by that. I listened and asked her questions (as I had been encouraging her to do instead of just preaching).” Sheri said the woman didn't want to share her problem, she would just cry. She did find out that she is 34 years old, Hindu, educated to be a pharmacist and spoke good English. Finally, the woman opened up and said her brother died of murder, her mother died of grief, her sister got something wrong in her head and died and then her Father died all in a relatively short period of time. It had been arranged for her to be married but the Hindus are saying she is an unlucky woman and don't want to marry her. So her fianc√© broke it off and now she is all alone and has no peace. Sheri said, “ I spoke all we had talked about being in the gospel and asked her to repent of her sins and come to Jesus. She got on her knees and prayed. I told her she is not alone, she is her sister.” 

Our study group was so pleased and rejoiced in what she had done. Pray for Shandee (my spelling). Pray she stands firm in her new faith, that Sheri has more opportunities to minister and disciple her. Sheri shared that she could tell that she was speaking to this woman so differently as if the Spirit was in control of everything she said. Praise God that we reviewed the gospel and she was ready to share with a renewed attitude. On a number of occasions, women will stop by while we are having our study to talk to the Pastor's wife or Pastor. It can get wearisome at times. I praise God we had a part in preparing Sheri with the good news of the Gospel to share with this woman.

Alan and I are now resting up for the arduous trip to Thailand. We will leave for the airport around 8pm. My stomach isn't the best but I am doing OK. I ate a mild lunch and plan to have a cup of tea later. Rejoice in the Lord because he has made us his own! It is good to be under his care. 


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