Friday, October 17, 2014

Off on Another Adventure!

Wednesday: After hours of effort, I think we now have all our credit card issues resolved. The problem is that there is so much fraud in India that most credit card companies block their use in the country. We are thankful because we have to have cash to pay for some of our expenses and we got it just in time.  

We just finished our last session here. Because another group was using our usual room we met in a smaller hotter room. Outside the window they were cooking for the large group, using wood.  The smoke got so strong in the room, our eyes were burning. Thankfully it was only a half day. As usual I learned a lot about how to best train and prepare students for training. This will help us in future places where we go.  

We leave this afternoon for the next location. We are off on another adventure! Who know what God will do.


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