Sunday, October 12, 2014

Good Training Continues despite Challenges

It was a good day today as we had the students begin making presentations. Habakkuk is not easy for any of us but they are learning. It has been hot, over 100 degrees, but not too bad in our training hall with the ceiling fans going. Edie has struggled a little with the women because they are so unresponsive. It is difficult to say why; low education, shyness in such a small group or lack of experience in Bible study. But she keeps plugging away. I have the benefit of a great training partner in Tom Hein from Adel, IA who has trained with us in Africa. He is doing a great job. Pray for Edie, as she has no break all day, working without a partner.

It has been a bit frustrating in that our hotel internet has been down for almost 2 days, one of our flights later in the week was abruptly cancelled, and for some reason the bank cancelled my debit card (even though we informed them that we would be in India) so we cannot get cash. But we assume the Lord will somehow help us solve all these problems. We may have our first experience with an Indian train ride to make up for the cancelled flight because there may not be another option. Tomorrow is another day!

Edie and I have noticed that we are not struggling with the Indian food as much this time. Perhaps we are getting used to it a bit after about 10 trips here. Praise the Lord! Every little bit helps.


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