Sunday, October 26, 2014

Arrival in Chiang Mai

We finished the training in Trichy with much joy at the progress of both the men and the women. I was encouraged that they were making concrete plans to multiply the training though pastors they will lead to train others. We had our usual send off by the Indians as they gave testimony of God’s blessing and gave us gifts. 

Our flight at 9:20 pm to Chennai was delayed an hour but we had plenty of time in between so it did not cause problems. We flew on from Chennai to Bangkok, leaving at 1 am and arriving at 6 am with an hour and a half time change. Although the flight was only 3 hours, it was still challenging because I was not able to sleep. After a layover in Bangkok and another one-hour flight, we finally arrived in Chiang Mai around 10 am and to our room at 11am. Edie and I both slept for a couple of hours to catch up. We are so thankful for a day off on Sunday to just rest, something we really need. It is so beautiful, peaceful and quiet here; it is very restorative. 

Tomorrow we begin training with the Lahu pastors. I am really looking forward to it, although it will be difficult to train all day without a partner this time. I think there has been great progress since I left 4 months ago. Marting, the leader of the Lahu, and our translator, has really become passionate about Pathways. He says that he had visited five different trainings and that the pastors receiving the training were all enthusiastic. They had commented that before this, they never knew how to prepare a sermon and now they are learning how. Marting has also had some contact with the Hmong people who are interested in the training as well. I will be working with them to see how the Lahu trainers can train the Hmong pastors. This is exactly what we want to see happen, so I am very encouraged. 

Thanks for your continued prayers,


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