Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Winging it, my favorite thing (NO!)

It is afternoon in Kilgali, Rwanda. It is beautiful and with lush foilage. We have a few hours and are enjoying fellowship with Al's team partner (does church health) and his wife. A whole group of pastors met us at the airport. They were dressed in suits and were so friendly and welcoming. Tonight we will have supper at the church not far from here. Then at 7pm we will have some introductions and an hour where we separate as men and women. I did not have anything planned and so I prayed and prayed. I decided to share my life verse and share how what we will be learning on the next two days has to do with putting our roots down deep. I will tell them what that has meant in my life as I have been a wife, mother and Pastor's wife (these are all Pastor's wives). I doubt you will get this on time but if you do your prayers are greatly appreciated. I am not the most eloquent especially without prep. so the Spirit must be in control!! Take on the Day for the Lord, Edie

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