Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am very disappointed that I have not been able to write in my blog for some time. Currently we are in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We are in a “4 star Hotel” that has had numerous electricity and internet problems. We had a rain storm today that literally came down in sheets of water. I am not sure what the temperature is but trust me it is hot and extremely humid. We have a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean.
Friday, in Rwanda we spent all day going up into the mountains. We visited a training center an American free church built and a school another Amer. free church built. Both are tremendous success stories. They are located far apart but well worth the effort. I say that because we had a flat tire and the roads were very rough to cross so it was slow. The children would come up to our car to greet us as moved along (that gives you an idea how speedy we were). Eight of us were crammed into an SUV. Fortunately at least 3 were on Dramamine because initially the paved road was quite winding.
At the school the kids were so excited to meet us, greet us and practiced what little English they had learned. The grades included up through high school with about 40% orphans. It is a Christian School. You pay for any schooling for your children in Rwanda and that was one of the things the women expressed as a desire. They want their children to go to school but can’t afford it. When we arrived each of us had a group of kids gathered around us. At some point I looked over at Alan and the kids were feeling his arms. They had never felt hair like that. They eventually, after we had had a presentation by the principal, by some students in an older class and a tour, walked with us a fair distance to our vehicle. They were so precious and I will always remember that time.
Part of the morning was spent training about 20 pastors from the rural areas of the mountains. Alan didn’t participate except to get to know the pastors and later think through what was done and how successful it was. It was concluded that Church health was not what they need, it is basic bible survey which is more Alan’s area to handle. We had lunch in this church and then were on our way.
All throughout the mountainsides crops were being tended. They have flat areas and then terrace up the mountain other crops. The soil is black and they were harvesting potatoes and carrying large bags to the village to be sold and taken away by trucks. Most carried the sacks on their heads. Probably 50-100 lbs. It was Amazing. Everyone we saw smiled and waved. They were such a blessing to us.
Sat. morning Alan left with the group while I stayed back to pack. He saw the real Hotel Rwanda and they drove around town. Then we left for the airport to come here. It has been a time of getting to know several new people and get to know what creative evangelistic efforts are being done in this predominately Hindu and Muslim city. There are a lot of Indians that live here. The work I was especially impressed with is what 3 single gals are doing in schools and in their home. It is very intentional and strategic and meeting the needs it is intended for.
Tonight is the official kick off of the conference and things will be especially busy with meetings etc. I hope this gets posted soon and that I can say more later. Thanks for following us and especially for your prayers. Edie

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Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated!It is so important to know so I can be specific in prayer. Of course, God always knows so it is in HIS hands whether we know or not.
Love & continued prayer