Thursday, February 12, 2009

Training time

Just in case you didn't notice. A couple nights ago I realized a couple of my posts were in a drafts listing. So I went ahead and sent them. I am very sorry but probably in my haste hit the wrong button (or jet lag).
We have had a couple of long hard days. Yesterday was my day with the women. It is hard to say how much they profited but I feel confident we established a rapport. From the discussion tonight with some pastors/leaders they want more teaching for women in the future as they certainly are pleading for training for the Pastors and church leaders. The women dressed in beautiful fabrics and all had such vibrant smiles. They work hard and have numerous children as well as being very helpful to their husbands in the church. Alan had to be mostly an observer but was hard at work connecting with the Pastors. A question was asked about the biblical view of women and Alan spoke up how to view the submissive role as not one of lesser value using the example of the trinity. The American team talked about this later as being a significant contribution to the training. He also lead some other discussion times.
Today was a big celebration. The church where we are meeting has a number of outreach ministries one of which is a cyber cafe. They have hired trainers that will help you. For a small fee people can come to use the computers. They were asked to partner with the police department and train the police officers in computer skills. Today was the graduation. They had a children's choir, marching band and a couple to provide lots of music. Speeches by the police chief, mayor and our regional leader for Africa. They did tours of the campus too.
After lunch we headed to the genocide memorial. That was a tastefully done, sequencial list of events as the whole nightmare unfolded. One million people were killed in 100 days. It was carried out by sharp and blunt objects along with awful torture. Some killing by guns however that seemed to be too merciful. It is amazing how much people, especially Christians have forgiven those who did this. It was friends, neighbors and in some cases family members. It was sobering to say the least.
We next went to a craft market and looked around. Later connecting with local Pastors to talk over what can be done in the area of training in Rwanda and Burundi. The mosquitos were in full force as we sat outside in the gardens of a local hotel.
Tomorrow we head for the mountains at 6:30am to meet some Pastors in an area for training. It is a 3 hour drive and won't be home until late tomorrow but may see some volcanoes.
It will take some time to process the last couple days. Good night, May the Lord's mercy be on us all in these last days. Love In Christ, Edie and for Alan as well


Anonymous said...

My what amazing times you are having. You sound as tho you are learning much and giving much. God is really opening doors. Is your health staying strong? I am trusting HE will protect you both as you are obedient to HIM. Thank you so much for doing this. Lets us feel a part of things. We pray for you at Praise & Prayer time each Tuesday.

Amy said...

Loved getting your note today Mom. Can't wait until you are home and we can see all your pictures and hear all the details. Thank you for being faithful.

Natalie said...

Edie, thanks for going and serving so! I can just picture you loving on the women and all you meet. You ooze our Saviour! Can't wait to see pictures! Oh, wonder if you might be in Czech this summer when we are there! We plan to go late July/August and participate in a church plant/outreach. And then minister with our missionary friends in Italy. We'll have to compare dates!