Monday, February 9, 2009

Can't wait to wake up tomorrow

We are here in Africa!!! Words cannot express how I felt as we began to discend into Nairobi, Kenya. Never ever did I think I would see Africa much less minister here. Our God is an amazing God. It is so humbling. We are staying at the Mayfield Guesthouse owned by African Inland Mission. Tomorrow we fly out around noon to Rwanda. We are now with 2 of our 4 other team members. We will join the others in the airport in Kigali. It is cooler here because it is the Altitude of Denver. Still it is summer and I feel warm. Not a bad thing. :-) . Good night my fellow sojourners. Serve the Lord with Gladness! With so much gratefulness in my heart, Edie


Pam Baumer said...

WOW! So excited for you...Keep the posts coming. Wish we could see what you are seeing :)

Anonymous said...

You sound very content even through all the new experiences and sometimes uncertainty. I could not be happier that you both are finding things to be welcoming and confirming as you continue your new journey. We love you