Sunday, February 8, 2009

On the Plane again

It's a wet, snowy day in Vlasim, Czech Republic. We went to church this morning and Al preached a message that seemed to resonate with the men. He spoke on John 17:20-24 on our oneness in Christ and how that is related to how we treat one another. Someone asked the Pastor if he told him to preach on that and he said the Lord did. So guess it hit a chord with them. The Fellowship afterwards was wonderful! We stayed and visited with translation. I was able to talk to one lady in her early 30's Katrina who spoke good English. We had a very interesting conversation. Al has been asked to do a teaching time to expand on the topic in Aug. when we are in Poland for the European Conference.

This past weekend we spent Friday and Sat. with the Prague team. We really enjoyed our time with them in prayer, study and reflection. Alan gave a message from the word that I have to say was excellent. Short but so good.

We are leaving now for the airport and on our way to Africa. I may not have good internet connection until we go to Tanzania. We will be in Rwanda...I can't wait. With Joy, Edie

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