Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Stamina Needed

We are back in the US in Colorado. Our final days in South Asia were fruitful. The last group we worked with were excited to get started planning for the training, but were obviously taken aback a bit by our announcement that we would not pay for everything. Unfortunately, we are rather unique in that but because we desire for the training to be replicated at several levels we cannot pay for the first or they will not learn how to pay for the other levels. This is always a difficult discussion because most Americans just pay for everything. As we worked through it, they began to see the reasoning and the biblical basis for our policy and I think it will work out.

Our trip home was brutal with both of us catching a 24-hour bug on the way. We arrived quite worn out and then had to start the next day wiring our house here in Colorado. The builder was so late in getting started that it has really messed things up for us. We are working as hard as we can, jet lag and all, but I am not sure we will get everything done before having to leave for Iowa for a training and then I will go on to Africa. Please pray for our stamina and that the Lord will enable us to get what we need to done.


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