Saturday, November 7, 2015

Heading to Nepal

We had a wonderful week in Thailand. The weather was great, the fellowship sweet and the work interesting. The men did not come well prepared this time. I am not sure why but I think they were confused by the directions. At any rate, our whole workshop format had to be changed. In the end, I think once again the Lord knew best and the men made good progress on some areas we might not have spotted had we used our usual schedule. The Lahu have to climb a big mountain to transition to good study habits and skills. Their culture and language do not prepare them well for our training. Still they are making great progress and have wonderful attitudes. I am not sure how good a job they are doing at passing the training on. The leader is planning next steps to take these guys further and to make the training they do more effective.  

We are on our way to Nepal today. The situation there is still quite tense and the blockade of fuel is still unresolved. Some of our pastors that wanted to come to the training are not able to because of the lack of fuel. We are not sure what we will face there as many shops are closed, etc. We are trusting that the Lord has all this in mind and that his will shall be accomplished. Pray for us to have wisdom to find that will and to serve our brothers and sisters well. Pray that our team, Edie, our daughter Arlene, 2 other pastors from Iowa and I, will work together well and organize ourselves in a way that will serve the Nepalese best.


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