Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Adventures with the Lord

It has been nonstop for the last couple of days from early morning to late at night so there has been no time for blogging. The organization we are working with this week is amazing. About 1500 people were gathered when we arrived, and Edie and I were immediately invited up to the stage to hand out certificates to newly ordained pastors. Later I gave a plaque to a man who had served the organization for 20 years. It was strange in that no one there had ever seen us before. Stuart and Jill Brisco were there so we were able to meet them. They were very kind and gracious. The leaders here are outstanding and their organizational skill is tremendous. They are very receptive to our program and enjoyed our teaching. Today we work on how to organize to train as many of their 1500 pastors as possible. We will need the Lord’s wisdom.  

The hotel here has been “interesting”; no hot water, bugs, dirt, etc. We call this part of the adventure. On the lighter side, we try to include in our blogs the good, the bad and the funny. We returned from training late and then the three of us men had a debrief session about the day. At the end, I got up to go get my computer and do some emailing if possible with the intermittent internet. We were meeting down the hall from our rooms. I walked to my room, entered and saw a bottle of water on the desk and because I knew I needed to be drinking I had a good drink. Then I went to the closet to get my computer that I hide in our clothing while we are gone. When I opened the door there was nothing at all in the closet. I was shocked, momentarily thinking someone had stolen everything. I glanced into the room to see if our other luggage was there and suddenly realized I was in the wrong room. By God’s grace, it was the other trainer's room not someone else's. We had a good laugh about that. I was able to provide the evening entertainment for all.

I have to run; we are off for another day, another adventure with the Lord.


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