Thursday, November 12, 2015

Onward from Nepal

We finished our pre-conference in Nepal yesterday and today flew to a large South Asian country to do more pre-conferences (due to the increased scrutiny of emails from the authorities here, I will be careful in my wording). We had such a good time in Nepal with our friends there. They became quite excited when we finally were able to get them to understand exactly what we do and why. I really believe this may turn out to help the assembly as it grows across the nation. Edie and Arlene had a great time with the ladies. It was a struggle at first to get them to understand observation as Edie and Arlene tried to get them started on the path to better comprehension of the word. But they finally caught on. The men likewise struggled but finally got it.  

It was cool there and we walked about a mile or mile and a half each way to our training site. I am so glad I got my heart issues resolved before this. The altitude and strenuous nature of the up and down pathway taxed us a bit. But we were sustained and thankful. My back continues to aggravate but not preclude what I have to do. Most of the time I am fine but at times it locks up for bit and it pains me mildly most of the time. Thanks for coming alongside me in prayer for this.  

The flight out was magnificent with the Himalayas shining all across the horizon. They are so tall pointing to the glory above.  

The very large city we are in is in the midst of a large festival with lots of very loud fireworks. Should be good sleeping tonight. Tomorrow we start early with a new group here. Come alongside us about this since we know almost no one here. We are not sure what we will face but we know who does.


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