Tuesday, June 24, 2014

God of the Impossible

#1 A Miracle Day
Yesterday I woke up at 5am and spent lot of time in the bathroom for the next 2 1/2 hrs due to this virus/bug that I picked up. I spent time with the Lord and managed to get ready to have my first day of teaching. My condition didn't return of which I was so thankful! The teaching went well and instead of 5 women I had 13! Translation also went smoothly. 

I was concerned about having the right number of bags for knitting and I had exactly the right amount thanks to someone who stuck in a ready made bag. It was a hot day and at 3:30 when I started to teach knitting, I wondered how will I do this with so many ladies. Amazingly, God provided a lady who already knew how to knit. I was really rejoicing over that. I was truly thankful for the day and that God had showed up.

#2 Impossible Day
I woke up later than usual. My mind agreed with my body, "I can't do this." But my stomach said that I needed to get something to eat. So we got up and got ready. I said to the Lord that I really can't do this but what choice do I have? OK, I am dressed, I will eat and go. 

How is it that when you should be laying down, you are sitting in a chair leading a study in Philippians? And when you feel light-headed and weak, you stand to guide the process of understanding what Paul has written. Your mind even drifts a couple times but you are pulled back, hopefully not missing something important. I don't know how this happened, except to say it is outside of me. By faith I believe the Lord showed me he really is a God who does the impossible in us. First in granting us salvation through his son, and now as we fight the good fight against our foe. To say I am in awe is an understatement. I am just so very thankful to be his child.


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