Thursday, June 26, 2014

From India to Thailand

We finished the training in N. India today and were very pleased with the students' responses. We had an especially large group this time because the organization invited a number of their state and regional leaders. They wanted these leaders to attend so that they would be exposed to the topic we were covering. It is a difficult topic to cover in one week; the subject of the redemptive story of the Bible. We changed our tactics from S. India and did more teaching up front before asking the students to present sermons. We did a lot of group exercises as well and I think the students picked up the content better. Many of the sermons were quite good. They have made such progress over the past two years.  

We have the day off tomorrow and leave late in the evening for Thailand, flying all night and arriving around 11 am. We hope we can get a little sleep on the plane and not arrive completely exhausted. We have Saturday and Sunday to rest before beginning the training on Monday morning. We are looking forward to the slower pace and the cooler temperatures. We expect it to be in the 80’s with lots of rain instead of the 100’s and windy and dry as it has been here. 

Thank you for your continued prayers,


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