Saturday, June 21, 2014

Aha Moments and Illness

It was another day of gaining rich insights into the book of Philippians. If only women in America would consider blocking out at least a couple full days of just focusing on a book of the bible. You could then understand the dynamics that happens as the Holy Spirit opens eyes to see the truth of his word! Yesterday morning I considered some of things we discussed in application of Paul's emphatic message to be of one mind and spirit. I wrote down Luke 6:46-48. John 1:1-2, Matt 5:14-16.  The women here are rich in good deeds even to the point of exhaustion and they only get scolded. I worked through the lighthouse picture (God is our rock, his word is our foundation, the structure of our lives are principles and beliefs, and finally we are to be a shining light so that people see our good works and glorify the Father). We then worked through a real example affecting our group. God really used that picture to help them see differently. It has been a hard hitting week of culture clashing with scripture and it was nice to end the time with more of an aha moment and then a "how can I...?"

I am under the weather and feeling ill. I am thankful I have experience with God showing up when this servant is weak. It will help to know that as I sit here feeling like crawling back in bed. We finish with lunch today and then head to the airport. I pray my stomach behaves. I took our miracle drug last night but still feel queasy this morning. My God is always so loving to me in every situation. We will see what he will do today. I would appreciate your prayers.

Together in one mind and Spirit according to his grace, 


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