Monday, June 24, 2013

Women in Training

I want to let you know that our time with the ladies in our training was blessed. Though we studied Ruth carefully, we also had a few opportunities to encourage and provide some exhortation. It is always a challenge with translation, education, and cultural issues. I praise God that we were able to try out a number of tools from Bible Pathways while going through the book of Ruth. My partner was struggling with me and rightfully so, since I too was unsure how to do what we did. We didn't know each other previously except for some brief interaction, and she has never personally taken a workshop prior to now. It has taken the week to figure each other out and find a rhythm that will work for us in training. I am thankful for her grace giving attitude, and we are ready to go at it again this next week with a different approach. Pray that whatever we do, it will honor the Lord and encourage and build up the women in Christ and in the Word. I share this with you, because I want you to hear that part of what we are engaged in is working with all kinds of people. We want to be an example of the unity of the spirit through the body of Christ to those we train. We don't have a lot of time to talk through things, and so love, understanding and forgiveness has to come quickly in order for us to do the important work of the Gospel. We are so ordinary and definitely flawed people doing what God has called us to for the sake of others coming to the knowledge of Christ in dark places. I am in awe and humbled everyday.

Pray for unity of the Spirit and that Satan would not have his way. Pray for us to have wisdom in teaching, insight and understanding of Ruth.   

Blessings to you,   


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