Monday, June 24, 2013

South India

Our last day in the north was sweet with the pastors demonstrating once again the great progress they have made. Just one year ago we had our first workshop with them and my, how they have improved! They still struggle a bit with difficult passages, who doesn't, but do amazingly well with more straightforward texts. We are delighted. We are also hearing great reports from the field of how the pastors at various levels in the training are making great strides as well. 

Our trip south went quite easily with smooth exchanges in the three airports we passed through. We were all tired by the end of the day but delighted to meet our dear friends here. Our training partners, Jim and Suzy, are doing great for their first trip to India. Jim and I each had the privilege of preaching this morning, one in each of the two churches here. It is a joy to worship with our brothers and sisters here, even though we do not know the language. I did pick up an intestinal bug, probably from the meal last night. It made for some interesting timing with preaching, bracketed with bathroom trips. But God is good and I am on the mend. 

We start our training tomorrow and I am excited to see how the men do here. So far this has been our most advanced group. I cannot wait to hear stories of all the other pastors that this group has trained since our last visit in February.

I would like you to pray for some timing issues for Edie and I. We return on the 28th and I leave for New Orleans and the EFCA national conference to do recruiting on the 30th.  After that, I am home 1 week before we head to three countries in Africa. We need to apply for and receive visas from all three countries before then. I have not been able to apply yet since we have to send in our passports to get the visas. Of course we also need them while here in India. Would you pray that we can get the visas in the short window while we are home?

Thanks for being there for us and holding us up in prayer. Together we are making a huge difference in many people's lives.


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