Monday, June 10, 2013

Arrival in Thailand

We arrived safely in Chiang Mai on Saturday morning around 11 am. Our flight to Bangkok was not as grueling as usual for some reason. We were both able to sleep some and that helped. We over-nighted in Bangkok and then flew on to Chiang Mai Saturday morning. Our trip started a little shaky as I had my back act up as I put on my socks on Friday morning before we left home. It was the first real trouble I have had with it for about a month. We recognized that as opposition and prayed about it. It did not get  worse and by the time we were in Minneapolis it was fine, praise The Lord! I have had a few times of nagging pain but nothing really troublesome at all. Please pray with us that my back does not give me any more issues on our trip. 

It is so good to be here in Chiang Mai with our dear friends the Callahans. They are such dear sweet servants of the Lord and it is a pleasure to work with them. They are a huge help in our understanding of the Lahu culture and ways. We begin the training tomorrow at 1 pm, giving some of the men a chance to arrive from remote villages. We are excited about the possibilities that our training will bring to this group and to Lahu people all over SE Asia.

Our accommodations are very good especially since they have air conditioning, which we need because they actually have summer here. Unlike the Midwest with its cool Spring, the temps here are in the low nineties with humidity to boot. We slept well last night from 8:30 pm (we could not stay awake any longer) to 2:30 am. Such it is with Jet lag. Our goal is to sleep from 9:30 pm to 4 am tonight.

One of the many things we enjoy about being here is the food. It is wonderful and really cheap. Lunch was about a dollar apiece and tonight we ate at a roadside stand for about 75 cents. We had Pad Thai, and it was delicious. I told Edie that when I take her out for Thai food I really take her out, all the way to Chiang Mai.


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