Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 3 in Venezuela, Part 2

Today was my day to teach so naturally I woke early at 4 am and could not get back to sleep. It was just a good reminder from the Lord that I need to trust in Him and He was faithful in helping me through.

After two good days of careful training by my teammates
it seems that the Lord called me to inspire the men from the Word. I taught on the centrality of the Word in our thinking, on the necessity and joy in suffering, and on our unity in Christ. The Lord seemed to speak though these topics and the men responded well. Someone said they would have been disappointed if they had not been encouraged in this way before they went home. The Lord is good because when we came I did not know anything about the pastors and their needs, but He did. We have been asked to come back in March to do specific training for all of the pastors at their denominational meetings.

morrow we go to the ocean traveling on a winding road through the mountains. Car sickness may be an issue for me. Sunday I preach in one of the churches and I have chosen Col. 3:1-4 as a text.

Thank you for your interest and prayers for our ministry here. You have partnered with u
s in this good work.


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