Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 2 in Venezuela

Yesterday was a good but frustrating day. All of the teaching and discussion were conducted in Spanish with no translation. I could get about 1/3 of the teaching but none of the discussion. It makes your brain hurt to try to understand all day. After a full day it makes you feel rather inadequate not to be able to understand anything but we praise God that he is our adequacy.

The pastors here seem articulate and mature as far as I can tell. In the evening we had a general discussion with all the pastors and I could not understand anything that was being said. It turns out that the time was a great blessing as all the men were responding so well to the teaching and encouraging one another to band together to do more church planting. It is apparent that God was working although he did not include me until later when it all was explained to me. Pray for Mark today as he teaches with translation and for me tomorrow that God would work through us as well. Thanks for being partners with us in serving Him.


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