Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 1 in Venezuela

We arrived last night and everything went well. We flew first into Coracao, part of the Dutch Antilles, and then on to Valencia. I had a little trouble filling out the visa form, it was really small print and my glasses were in my luggage (I know, I should be wearing them all the time). The other guys, all with glasses, helped me out.

It was a short drive on over to Limon where we will be staying and teaching. Our room was a step up from Africa, but had air conditioning that worked well. It is warm and humid, coming into summer sooner than we are at home. We are at the edge of the mountains as far as I can see, it is very hazy, almost foggy here.

Mario met us at the airport and seems to be a fine brother, one of the leaders of the EFCA here. If I can figure out how, I will try to send some photos later. We have internet in the eating area of our small hotel. Hopefully I can write often.


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weatherlover said...

Exciting to be able to partner with you in prayer for this latest journey you are on. We love you and pray for you and know God is working His will through and the others you are working with