Sunday, February 3, 2019

Safe Arrival

We arrived safely in Colombo Saturday night, very early Saturday morning in the US. Our trip went well, although there were some hiccups. After a 12-hour flight from Denver, we approached Narita airport in Tokyo and then circled for almost an hour because a plane was disabled on one of the runways. After an hour and a half layover we travelled on 7 hours to Bangkok, where we sat for almost on hour on the ground because another plane was in our gate. As a result, we arrived at our hotel an hour late and got to sleep around 2 am, about 26 hours after leaving Denver. And you thought traveling was fun. One humorous note; in Bangkok we stayed over one night before flying on to our final destination the next afternoon. As usual the mirror in the bathroom was too low for me only this time it was way too low. When I sat on the toilet, I could finally see my face in the mirror to shave.  

We arrived in the early afternoon, having a good 6- hour rest overnight. We learned upon arrival that Monday is their independence day and that some streets would be blocked for the celebrations. Our usual hour drive from the airport became more adventurous with the driver taking very narrow winding side roads, roaring along and braking and dodging others until I was approaching car sickness. I was happy to see the hotel.  

We had a good rest last night, it is now 7:30 am here, and I preach twice today, once at one church in the morning and another at night. We are bracing for middle to upper 80’s with humidity. I know, many of you are freezing to death. We will sweat for you. 

It is a blessing to be here with our friends. We expect a good week of training and hope to see significant progress since we were here one year ago. Others have been filling in the gap as we had responsibilities elsewhere.

Thank you for standing with us,

Al & Edie

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