Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Training Bears Fruit!

Al: Another great day of training in Romans. Not only did the pastors learn, but we as trainers also learned some things that we need to change in the material to make it better. It has been years since I have done the Romans workshop and I have never done it in its revised format so I am now seeing some further revisions that need to be made. 

On the way home, we asked the pastor transporting us how things were going in his church. He said they just expanded the church to accommodate around 400 people and showed us some pictures. I asked if the people had noticed a change in his preaching. He said, "Oh, Yes!  I have gained a reputation in my area for preaching the Word well and many people are now coming to our church to hear. Several pastors have changed their service times from the morning to the evening so that they can attend our church to hear me preach." My colleague Eric said that there are lots of ways to grow the church but he knew of none better than gaining a reputation for preaching the Word well. The pastor continued by saying "We used to have a lot of miracles and prophecies and signs and wonders in our church but now it is mostly just the Word. You by God's grace can do miracles but you can always have your own agenda. With the Word you only have its agenda."  

Do you know why we do what we do in training pastors to study the Word?

Edie: There is nothing better than to return and teach the same women multiple times. The power of the Word combined with the familiarity of the style and method of the teacher makes this a sweet dynamic. I know myself, I have been doing this training for probably 8 years and I know what my skill set brings to the table. Practice has made me an adequate trainer, this is not something that comes naturally. However, I am seeing that there is no substitute for the work of the Holy Spirit in the walk of a believer. According to the testimony of one of my students today, God is using me as a teacher, mentor, and model of love. God may be leading her to be a bible study leader and she told me that she has watched me and noticed the little ways I have sought to encourage them. She wants to be like me! I told her this is possible only through the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives and through life experience in trusting the Lord too. I admit it is always nice to get some feedback when the ministry you do is a task that is fully dependent on the Lord. I love what the Lord has given me to do, even more so when I sense God’s very presence when I do it. He is my life! 

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