Saturday, October 6, 2018

Relationship Building

It has been a long week for Edie and me while we sat and listened to others teach. It was enjoyable but not as satisfying as having the opportunity to teach or preach ourselves. We did develop good relationships with others and worked hard to be satisfied with that. We are now in Kalay which is Northwest of Yangon, about 2 hours by plane. We are about 85 miles East of the Northeastern Indian border. Our host, Chhuana, is from this area of Myanmar and it is the headquarters of the Evangelical Free Church of Myanmar. The EFCM is not historically related to the EFCA but they rather randomly chose this name for their church ages ago. Now the EFCA, ReachGlobal, where we serve, partners with the EFCM in a number of ways. I am here to explore bringing Pathways to this region where the pastors really need to learn how to study the Bible. I will meet with the president of EFCM tomorrow and tomorrow night I will get to preach in a local church. Frankly this is something that I have really been missing lately so this is a great blessing to me. Our time here is short since we have to leave Monday evening in order to make connections to travel home. We had to squeeze in this time because shortly after returning to Colorado I must fly to Minneapolis for leadership meetings for a week. Please pray that our time here in Kaly is fruitful.


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