Thursday, October 4, 2018

Waiting Patiently

We have been here in Myanmar for a week now. It has been a blessing to meet and get to know the two men who are teaching the students here. One, a retired Free Church pastor from Hawaii, oversaw an amazing revival and transformation in the main Hawaii prison before becoming a pastor. The other, a missionary to Cambodia, has had an amazing ministry there with many churches now in an area that had none when he came. Both are godly and enjoyable to be around, and we share much in common. I have to admit it has been hard to sit around while others teach, not knowing exactly why we are here. I have had only one meeting with the principal of a bible school here to talk about Pathways. Otherwise I have had nothing to do. 
Saturday, we travel north to Kale and I will have opportunity to talk with the president of the EFC of Myanmar, who I am told is very interested in discussing Pathways. We will see. As for now we are having to learn, once again, to wait patiently on the Lord, trusting that He alone knows His plans for us. 


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