Saturday, September 29, 2018

Lush & Green

Saturday, September 29:  We arrived safely in Myanmar yesterday around noon. It is hot and steamy here, in the lower 90’s with continuous threat of rain. What little we have seen so far of the country is very lush and green. Our hotel is quite nice and adequate, so we are comfortable. We took a nap yesterday afternoon and then slept 9 hours last night and napped again this afternoon, so we are making good progress recovering our lost sleep in the 26-hour trip from home to Bangkok and then the next day to here.

So far, we have had the privilege to fellowship with Americans, a retired pastor from Hawaii (Rick and his wife) and a missionary to Cambodia (J.D. with his teenage son). They have all been to Myanmar many times and will be helping us get introduced here and are remarkable people. It has been a delight to talk with them and it is possible, in addition to introducing Pathways to Myanmar, there might be a possible future in Cambodia as well. We will see what the Lord provides. We have been praying for Him to help us make the right connections to build relationships and this is a good beginning.

We have had several meals together and have really enjoyed the food, both Burmese and Chinese.  It doesn’t look like a weight loss trip.


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