Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Learning is fun!

One of the things I love about this ministry is the surprises and unintended consequences because we know they come from a gracious and loving God. When we arrived tired from a long day flying, we were told we would be staying in a private home. It has turned out to be such a blessing being in this comfortable home with none of the frustrations of the hotels in this part of the world.
We have received a very warm welcome here, just as you would with family. The meeting was such a worshipful, happy time. The study on Saturday was lively and the ladies shared many good insights. I am having so much fun! In our other study elsewhere, the ladies were visibly enjoying how much they learned when they observed what they saw. Even our interpreter, who worked for a publishing company, and has written many things, learned new things! Together we were encouraging one another and it felt like we were treasure seeking together and sharing the gold we found. It has been a tremendous time, to think learning could be this much fun!

We are leaving tomorrow for a new place. It will be a difficult parting not knowing when we will see our family here again. But we are looking forward to one more day of study here, what a privilege!


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