Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Day of Rest Before The Long Trip Home

Monday, July 11:  As we left northern Sri Lanka, the pastors there gave some testimonies about the training. My favorite was the pastor who said he had preached for many years and now was embarrassed at how he had done it. He had preached his words and not God’s. He now says he has determined to preach with his Bible in his hand because he wants to preach only God’s words.

We had a wonderful day Saturday in C-city, Sri Lanka with a large group of pastors and women. It looks like we will begin working on a training network here in the future. The pastors are all seemingly well educated and eager to start the network. We feel good about the progress. Edie spent time with the ladies and had good responses from them as well. She felt that the Lord really undertook for her as she addressed about 30 ladies, something that is not her favorite thing to do. But the Lord gave her the words and she did well. 

On Sunday, I spoke at a Baptist church near C-city that is 180 years old, and is still going strong preaching the word. I thought it went well; my translator was excellent and really enjoyed my message. We had a great time with a family in the church who hosted us for lunch. What a wonderful extended family! They were a blessing to us. Later in the day, I had a meeting with a major pastor and the vice president of the seminary. They are both really behind us starting a network here and may be influential in helping us form some kind of partnership with the seminary sometime in the future.

Today we planned to move to a hotel near the airport to save on the long drive tomorrow before our long flight home, about 30 hours in total. When we got a taxi, we found out that our hotel would still be about an hour away from the airport even though they said they were nearby. The hotel is nice and near the ocean so we are enjoying a lazy day for the first time in a month. We are frankly quite tired and not ready for the long trip home tomorrow. We will need the Lord’s help as we go. He has never failed to help us.


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