Tuesday, July 12, 2016

God Undertakes for Me

Saturday, July 9:  I am relaxing for the first time in 3 weeks and nothing to prepare! We got here at 9:45pm last night after finishing the training and having a lovely lunch made by the Pastor's wife. The training ended well in V city with evidence that both the men and women made good progress. We didn't get to bed until 11:00; we were so tired. Alan said to me that this is adventure land, meaning nothing seems concrete and he has so few details as to what is going on. I barely crawled out of bed and hit the shower this morning. When the host here at the seminary guesthouse said, "breakfast is ready.” I wasn't even dressed. After getting ready, I checked it out. String hoppers! At least we know what to call it. There is a kitchen here so I made Alan and I scrambled eggs, toast and coffee instead. They have a microwave! I had considered staying at the room but of course I prayed about it and when we got here, we found out the electricity would be turned off by the city from 8am-6pm. So I packed up some notes to write, my IPAD and notebook just in case. 

There were 25+ ladies at the church where Alan was to speak. I had not a clue what to say or how I was going to pull this off. I began to pray earnestly saying if ever Jesus needed to take over it was now. Alan "waxed eloquent" with the whole group for an hour on II Tim and the need to preach the word. He was in true form and I could see some women shaking their heads in agreement. After tea time they broke us up and I had the women. I asked the Pastor at teatime if he had a translator, he replied, "yes” and then I waited with the ladies as he nabbed one of the Pastors. Not a good sign usually but I stood resting in my God who loves me and undertakes for me. Our translator worked out great and even said afterwards that he would do it for me again. In all humility, He, my Lord, waxed eloquent too but this time it was through a worn out soldier who had nothing left to give but Jesus Himself. Even as this servant spoke, I told myself this isn't you and you know it. I testified of the power of God's word in our lives, the call as women to influence others through the character of God, by God's grace through the word. I even shared a short version of my testimony of coming to Christ. We had time and I walked the women through the first six verses of Ps. 139 using pathways. Just 30 minutes of looking into God's word and the women were excited and blessed with the word. Afterwards, I got many words of appreciation, testifying how they were blessed and when was I coming back? 

As most left the pastor's wife of the man whom God connected Alan with in Bangkok (God thing), spent time sharing her heart and said how she was so discouraged but that I had really lifted her up. It was not me, but God's word. She said it was how I said it in love made a difference to her and spoke to her heart. That was the Lord!!! Oh, I couldn't be more filled in my soul! Though the bod is thoroughly worn to the bone, I couldn't be happier. 

Two things we have learned:  1. Alan coming across the world 10 days before me doesn't work unless we sleep in separate rooms (jetlag), and 2. Three weeks in India or similar places is max for us. The conditions just are too much for us to manage doing it longer. We aren't saying we won't but something to think about as we plan future trips.

We saw a herd of elephants here and a praying Mantis probably 6 inches long (love those creatures). I am not thrilled with our roommates the cockroaches. I wonder how they will like Colorado. "All creatures great and small the Lord God made them all.” I did see a cat here (rarely see any but dogs are everywhere) and it had seen a few fights. You should have seen the expression on his face and the way he sat but didn't sit. He was a survivor that is for sure!

Tomorrow (Sunday) Alan is preaching at a Baptist church. I am not sure how this came to be. Then he has a meeting with some seminary staff around 5pm. This is an evangelical Methodist Seminary from what we can tell. On Monday, our partner Seth leaves and we don't have anything lined up so we may try to find our way to the beach.

Thank you my fellow soldiers of the cross we cherish your prayers! 


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