Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Home Again!

Edie and I are now home and trying hard to get through jet lag. It seems it is much harder to do this once we are at home, than it is to do in Asia at the beginning of our trips. We consider our latest trip to be a wonderful success. Two groups were graduated with outstanding final sermons in some cases and fully adequate ones for all. The last three years with these men has made an amazing difference in their lives and is producing significant changes and growth in their congregations. 

Our time at the Asia conference was a pleasant end to our trip allowing us to rest up some but also giving us a chance to make great contacts with some of our Asian ReachGlobal staff. Next June we will be traveling with Daniel Holmquist to India and Nepal, after our training in Thailand, to explore new training opportunities for the coming years. Daniel helped me in Thailand this time and did an outstanding job. He will be overseeing South Asia so I will be working closely with him for training in that area. 

My priorities now are to update all of our curriculum with what we have learned in the past year and then to produce a good lay version for roll out in June at the national conference. Please be in prayer for me on this regard as it is a large project with much to accomplish between now and then. I really believe this lay project will have significant impact in US churches as well as some of our overseas contacts as well. 


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