Saturday, March 21, 2015

Haiti Training Trip

I am sorry that I have not been able to communicate before now about my trip to Haiti. Our internet has been down for three days. Thank you so much for praying for me as I train in here, the training has gone fantastically. The men are responding well and capturing the vision for training many others here. Tomorrow, we will discuss the next steps toward that end. Most of these guys are very well trained but love the simplicity of our approach. I think they see it as a way to train others who have less academic background. We have had many encouraging responses. One man said he had been praying for months about the desperate need to train pastors how to study the Word and preach, and had really felt the Lord calling him to do something about this. But he did not know how. He said our training is an answer to his prayers. He knows it will require sacrifice on his part, physically, spiritually and even financially to do this but he is willing. This man is very bright, teaches at the seminary and has a great reputation. We think he may be a foundation stone to build on. Another US pastor, who is with us on this trip, said he also is willing to help with the training and perhaps can come more than once a year to do so. Other top leaders are already thinking about ways to spread the training. We are thrilled.

I asked for prayer for spiritual warfare while I am here. I have sensed no opposition at all and I think it is because so many of you have been praying. Thank you so much. Please continue. We have two more days here and then travel home on Monday. Thanks for partnering with us in this battle for the Kingdom.


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