Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Traveling Home

Friday, July 4, 2014: We completed our workshop on Thursday evening and were very pleased with the overall results. Several of the students gave excellent sermons showing the great progress they had made. We were all pretty exhausted by the pace of the week but glad for good outcomes. Working with Mike and Cathy Maggart was a real delight.  

This morning we had a debrief with Marting, our Lahu leader and translator. He is so dedicated to what we are doing and growing so much himself in his study and preaching skills. In spite of his busy schedule he plans to visit each training location that our pastors will be using to pass the training on. He says this is one of his top priorities because he can see how it will affect the Lahu church far into the future. I have such respect for him. He gave us good input on a couple of things we need to improve so the Lahu can understand better. Those ideas will help us teach others around the globe better as well.  

Edie and I are now in Bangkok spending the night in a transit hotel getting ready to fly home tomorrow. We will arise at 3:30  am and fly out at 6 am. We dread the 24 hour flight home especially starting at such an early hour. We are hoping it helps us sleep on the plane and start getting in sync with the Midwest time again.  

For those of you who prayed for us we especially thank you. My foot did quite well with only mild discomfort even with standing barefoot on hard floors much of the day. The Lord helps us even in those small ways. Thank you for the help of your prayers as well.


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