Thursday, July 3, 2014

Serving with Joy and Contentment

We have been here in Thailand for 5 days and have been basking in the contrast of surroundings from India. It is so green and a chorus of birds sing to us each morning. I love it. Even more enjoyable is the rich fellowship we have with the Callahan's, who are missionaries here. Mike and Kathi Maggart are also with us this time, and are so like minded with us. Mike has been a real sport with all the unexpected changes in the training. It doesn't always go by the text book. Kathi very graciously helped out with my first and largest English class. I really appreciated her servant's heart especially since her heart 's desire was to be in the training. I completely understand because it is so good.

My classes went well. This time I was more relaxed and really could enjoy teaching the kids. Then we did some knitting, which was not as fun for these kids. But that might be due to the heat and high humidity. Even though they are used to it, it is harder to sleep at night and go strong all day where there isn't AC. 

At the end of the day one day, I was in the office waiting, doing some Internet stuff, and the young director of the school came in to talk for a 1/2 hr. He asked me questions, practicing his English. I really enjoyed that and praised God that he sent that young man to visit. Not long afterwards the guys were done, and then the Sprenger's arrived to take us and the Maggart's for dinner. Our fellowship with them was so uplifting and encouraging as we mutually shared the ups and downs of what we are doing. Such a beautiful end to a very fulfilling day for all of us. It is good and right to serve the Lord in the way he has called you with joy and contentment.

I am thankful to say I am continuing to feel well. The heat hasn't made us feel bad either. We have 2 more days of training and then Friday we begin our two day journey home. We understand it has rained a lot and there is flooding in Fort Dodge, but our home is fine. We will have to see if the roof received any damage from the hail storm a couple days ago. The weeds are probably having a field day. I can't imagine, I don't want to. 

Thank you my dear friends for listening to our stories and praying for us. We so appreciate it as we often and in many ways face the evil one and contend with his deceptive devises.

God' grace and peace be with you abundantly, 


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